Applying for Grants

Step 1: Qualifications

Organizations must have 501(c)(3) status and be located within our local communities. The trust shall distribute funds with priority given to the three areas of focus:

  • Education
  • Human Services & Community
  • Aviation & STEM

Following is a brief description of the organizations that fit into each category:

  • Education – an organization whose mission supports public schools or life-long learning within our communities.
  • Human Services & Community – an organization that serves people and a mission to create an overall improvement in the quality of life of community members.
  • Aviation & STEM – an organization associated with the promotion of aviation-related careers and STEM activities.

The Duncan Aviation Family Trust does not provide funds for the public promotion of organizations, individuals, churches, or religious issues. We also do not financially support post-proms, school clubs, and athletic teams.

Step 2: Submit Grant Application Letter

Members of the Duncan Aviation Family Trust Philanthropy Committee will review your request at their next quarterly meeting. The committee typically meets quarterly. Whether your organization receives grant approval or not, you will be notified of this decision in a timely manner.

All grant applications must be submitted online. Please have the following information ready when filling out the application:

  • Organization name, address, phone number, and contact;
  • Organization’s background information and mission;
  • Total amount of funding requested; and
  • The objective(s) and the underlying need, problem or opportunity.

Submit your application online

Step 3: Consideration

Acceptance for funding will be prioritized according to how closely the request fits with our mission statement. In some cases, a meeting or site visit may be requested for new applicants.

Organizations may apply for or receive funds only one time per year.

Supporting Communities through Endowment

Duncan Aviation believes in supporting the communities that its team members call home. Over the last few years, the Duncan Aviation Family Trust has contributed more than $1 million annually to a variety of charitable causes that fall into its mission of education, human services/community, and aviation/STEM. In 2023, the decision was made for the next several years to invest half of the trust’s annual designated charitable funds into an endowment plan. While developing sustainable endowment funding will allow for more impactful donations in the future, doing so temporarily decreases the funds available for immediate annual giving. As a result, some organizations that we have worked with for years will see a decrease in readily available donations.