2022 Workforce Development Winners

Trinity Hamilton graduated from Lincoln North Star High School, where she participated in the Marching Band and archery team. Her favorite subjects are Math and English. Trinity has been an intern at Duncan Aviation since January 2022. She’s excited to start school at the University of Colorado in Boulder in the fall and major in Aeronautical Engineering.

Although Sydney Miller was only at Lincoln North Star for her senior year, she has become very dedicated to the mechanical side of aviation throughout attending the Duncan Aviation Workforce Development Program. Sydney plans on going to Iowa Western to study Aviation Maintenance and hopes to work for Duncan Aviation in the future.

Logan Skrdlant recently graduated from Lincoln North Star High School. His father’s side of the family are mechanics and he got into aviation because of a trip out to Duncan during his sophomore year of high school. He has taken many aviation classes at North Star, including power mechanics and the old aviation classes. He was also a student assistant to Mrs. Woodward, the North Star Skilled & Technical Science Instructor. Logan will be attending Iowa Western to study Aviation Maintenance.


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