The Asian Center

During last summer’s heat wave, Duncan Aviation’s Human Resources team bought and donated 150 16-inch oscillating pedestal fans to the Asian Center. Warehouse Team Lead Ryan Young and Shipping/Receiving Specialist Randy Kozak delivered and unloaded six pallets of boxes so clients of the center who needed a break from the heat could receive a free fan.

For the past couple of years, the Duncan Aviation Family Trust has sponsored a table, donated supplies, and provided hangar space for the center’s annual Curry Clash where chefs from 15 local restaurants are invited to prepare an Asian-inspired dish and the public buys entry tickets as a center fundraiser.

The Upholstery Shop also donated an industrial sewing machine. “We had one not in use, donated it, and set it up,” says Curt Eliker, Assistant Manager of Interior Modifications and Completions. “In addition to the sewing classes the center provides on their own machines, we hoped some of the center’s clients could get some hands-on training on the industrial one, sharpen their skills, and perhaps apply at Duncan Aviation.”